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Benchmark and compare your strategy against your Facebook competitors using advanced AI technology



Learn what your competitors are doing.



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1. Analyze data and obtain instant insights into your competitor’s Facebook marketing activities.

2. Get the full scope on the performance of your Facebook Pages.

3. Optimize and adjust your campaigns by following the industry’s best practices.

4. Track the growth of your fan base and compare it to key influencers.

5. Comprehensive Dashboard to instantly scan the most important parameters.

6. Enjoy impeccable customer care and full support from our highly trained team.

7. Get deep insights by analyzing your competitors sponsored posts.

8. Get engagement tips, tricks and insight into user comments, shares and reactions.

9. Benchmark and compare unlimited pages side-by-side.

10. Download reports for your clients or your boss.



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Competitors’ KPI unveiled

Use our intuitive graphs and charts to get updated KPI’s of the chosen Facebook Pages.

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Learn more about how the fans interact with your content and your competitors’ content.

Take full advantage of the deeply insightful graphs and charts of the interactions evolution and distribution, what is the most engaged content, what earns the most reactions, shares and comments, and more.

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When working on a top performing campaign there’s nothing more valuable than insights into what content is performing best.

1. Top and weakest posts.
2. Number and type of posts.
3. Most frequently/impactful words/hashtags/sources.
4. Boosted content information.
5. Historical post data and page evolution over time.

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User data

Gather in-depth data on the fans.

Reports on response times and best times to post.

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