Influencer Marketing on Facebook – Short Guide

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You can consult all the guides you want on traditional marketing, but unless you’re looking into Influencer Marketing, you aren’t using Facebook to its full advantage.

And that’s true for almost any industry. When celebrity YouTuber Pewdiepie collaborated with the makers of a somewhat obscure upcoming French horror film the match seemed odd. But it worked: views for the film doubled, and Pewdiepie catered to his over 27 million subscribers.

But influencer marketing isn’t just celebrity endorsement. And when it comes to marketing on Facebook, it can have just as powerful of an effect, sending a spike in page view analytics.

Here’s your short guide to Influencer Marketing on Facebook, and how to make the most of it.

What is Influencer Marketing? Both social media and content-driven marketing are excellent ways to increase your client base. What Influencer marketing does is essentially combine the two together in a strategic, targeted way. While some traditional marketing methods focus on large niche consumer groups, influencer marketing involves a company hiring an outside public figure to promote the brand. He or she typically promotes the company, product, or brand via their own social media page, which in turn should drive more viewers to the business’ home Facebook page.

What’s the difference between Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Endorsement? Technically, they can overlap, though celebrity endorsement is a narrower, and more limited form on influencer marketing. Celebrities can be inaccessible, extremely expensive, and simply not the right figurehead for some businesses. Plus, celebrity endorsement brands a specific product or service to the celebrity’s name. With influencer marketing, any kind of public figure might be used to network in circles they have connections with. Influencers also specialize in that area of business, or have some sort of expert background, so they understand the niche audience and ins and out of that specific industry or service.

Why is Facebook a great place for Influencer Marketing? As page views by organic outreach decline, influencer marketing is a way to continue to increase page views. By partnering with other social media users, your business is not relegated to the issues related with Facebook algorithms. Plus, Facebook has tools to increase the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing, including:

  • Branded Content Tags
  • Boost Feature
  • Facebook Groups linked to Business Pages

How do I use these features to their full advantage? Facebook provides the accessibility, tools, and interactive environment to make influencer marketing especially successful. But knowing what each tool does and how to use it is essential:

  1. Branded Content Tags: Posts will be marked with a ‘paid’ tag alongside a business logo. It creates transparency and boosts your company’s presence. Sponsors tagged in branded posts will also receive information on reach and engagement. Amplify this tool by getting full data and page analytics through a provider like Competithor.  

2. Boost Feature: A simple button allows you to make posts go live almost instantly, and can be applied to multiple types of posts, including messages, images, links and videos. The boost feature is special in that you can:

  • Set parameters for who sees your post, based on demographics like age, gender, location and interests
  • Select duration of ad

Use Facebook Groups to link with other pages and create and interactive and dynamic networking environment.

Are there any mistakes I should avoid? While Facebook is undoubtedly a platform for successful influencer marketing, you have to first have a strategy and platform to execute it well. For one, influencer marketing is most successful when it delivers a personal message. Add some personality to posts, and make sure influencers include direct outreach to specific commenters and viewers. Without this, it will come off as too pushy, too sales oriented, and lack the connection most customers desire.

And make sure you choose your influencer wisely: are they truly knowledgeable in your area of business? How far is their outreach? What kind of experience with social marketing do they have?

Answer all of these questions, and you’re well on your way to using influencer marketing on Facebook to its full advantage.


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