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Competithor provides Facebook analytics (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more to come) for digital media and freelance companies. The secret? While there are other options out there, Competithor offers a major advantage when it comes to overall service, quality, and value.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the advantages Competithor has over comparable services, and how it sets itself apart.

First off, what exactly does Competithor offer? Competithor essentially provides detailed analytics to help companies better understand competitor’s marketing techniques and thus help optimize their own Facebook marketing strategies.

If that sounds like a mouthful, it really isn’t. Simply put, Compeithor provides powerful, precise, and in depth AI-powered analytics that:

  • help you gain insight to competitor’s marketing strategies
  • provide insight to social metrics on areas of audience growth, engagement metrics, optimal times to create new posts, an more
  • provide PDF downloads you can watermark or send to clients

What other options are out there for Facebook analytics? With well over 2 billion monthly active users and 60 million businesses with at least a homepage, Facebook is undoubtedly a hub for online marketing. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that businesses are looking to get a competitive edge when it comes to understanding how they, and their competitors, successfully (or less so) vie for customers.

While there are several options, the two most prominent, besides Competithor, are Facebook’s own services and Buffer, a social media marketing suite.

What does Facebook offer? As you can imagine, Facebook has a number of service offers for anyone using Facebook for Business. Workplace offers services such as more streamlined messaging and video chat for better communication. But in terms of providing analytics, the main offering is the simply-named Facebook Analytics. Unlike Competithor, Facebook Analytics focus is more insular: you’re given reports on your own page.

What’s the biggest advantage of going with Competithor? While there are certainly other options for advanced AI-driven data analytics, Competithor’s services are simply more comprehensive because they also take into consideration human input and actionable tips. 

While other services’ analytics are insular, Competithor recognizes that in order to better understand your own marketing strategies, you need to understand what your competitors are doing right (and perhaps wrong).

By understanding how users are engaging with your competitors, you don’t simply understand your own audience better, but grow your audience by getting ahead of your competitors’ marketing strategies.

And when it comes to social media, understanding not just your own business but your competitors is crucial.

Finally, Competithor provides a hybrid model of both AI and human-driven analytics. While AI analytics are in high demand, the hybrid model allows for a more nuanced and expertly vetted interpretation – and that’s truly hard to find in other services.   

Still not convinced? All businesses need to be cognisant that what they’re investing in will help their company expand or improve in terms of outreach, customer base, and quality of interactions. The great news is that Competithor also offers free trials.

Understanding who, how, and why users interact with your competitor’s Facebook posts is the key to optimizing your own ability to create engaging and competitive content. But receiving analysis reports is just the first step – get the tools and advice you need to start taking actionable steps to revitalize your own marketing strategies by starting a free trial today.


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