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Spy on your competitors

See what your top competitors are doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Understand, improve and apply key social metrics on content performance, engagement metrics, audience growth, best times to post and more.

Need reports for your manager or clients?

Waste no more time. Reporting is just a click away! You can create in-depth PDF reports that you can watermark, download and send to your clients in a heartbeat.

It’s not all just cold reporting

We all love graphs and charts, but tips are the cherry on top. We thought we’d take it a step further and help you gain the best insight by offering valuable actionable tips.

Meet Thor

Human & AI-Powered Social Media Insights

While AI is getting smarter by the day there is still amazing insight that the human mind can offer. Our reports are a hybrid between Machine Learning and Human Input. Thor, our friendly hybrid will be your guide into making smarter decisions based on smarter reports.

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Truly actionable insights!

Mark Spencer

marketer and author

Thor is just amazing. AI is getting more and more powerful and helpful by the day…

Rachel Jobbs

social media manager @ InsiderVison

This is the future! I really dig what you guys are doing here.

Jerry Freeman


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